Who is Jasmine?

I would like to describe myself as a person who lives in the moment. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, I have been living in Japan since 2014 plus one year of studying abroad. Now that I am married and starting a family, I found that it was time for me to not only give back to myself and finally work on something I am passionate about, but give back to the community through this new skill.

Work Experience

From retail to nursing, Journalism to customer service, teaching in Japan to recruiting, I finally landed myself on coding. Although I have experience in a lot of fields, I wouldn't dare call myself a Jack-of-All-Trades, I am however confident that because of all my experiences in life my resume has a lot of interesting stories to tell. See my LinkedIn for more.



Family Life

I met my husband in 2017 and quickly knew that he was my person. We married in 2018 and welcomed our first child in 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic. Not to mention he was two months early. Despite the challenges life has thrown our way, we have managed to keep going and in doing so are now proud business owners together.
It is difficult living in a foriegn country with a language that is so different from your native tongue. But I am blessed to have been gifted with a wonderful second family and a very understanding group of friends that frequently put up with my shenanigans and crazy ideas.


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Let's Get In Touch!

Want to speak with Jasmine directly about a job offer?

Email at: Jasmine@tsunodastylings.com