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Tsunoda Stylings is a Japan-based agency that strives to create successful, responsive websites that are fast, easy to use, and built with the best techniques. At Tsunoda Stylings, we search for new and experienced small business owners looking to promote their businesses without breaking the bank!

Not too long after we opened our doors, we received a request from a fantastic printing service looking to expand her business online. Please meet Theresa Lackey, the CEO and founder of Jazzy Printing Service, who was our very first website creation client. Read more below to learn more about her and what she plans to accomplish with her new website designed by Tsunoda Stylings.

Interview with Theresa Lackey:

Jasmine: When did you start your business?

Theresa: My business started in Jan of 2005.

Jasmine: Why did you decide to become a business owner? What is unique about your company?

Theresa: My mission at the start of my company was to help people with printing that could not afford the big company price and unique styles. We are still on the same mission with fewer employees and bigger ideas.

My company is unique because we Print or email your invitations for you, and we mail them to your customers for 1 small price. We also deliver to people in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are unique because we Print whatever you want on products in color for one price. We send samples and talk with our customers.

Jasmine: How did you come up with the name for your company?

Theresa: My company is named after my daughter.

Jasmine: What services or products do you offer?

Theresa: We offer printing on certain products. Tshirts, books, hoodies, tabletops, and mouse pads.

Jasmine: How do you advertise your business?

Theresa: We advertise through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, and personal displays.

Jasmine: Does your business give back to your community?

Theresa: Yes, we fundraise for St Jude for Always Giving Back. We give back to St. Jude and help the I am my Sister keeper Facebook page give prizes on the 12 days of Christmas and gifts throughout the year.

Jasmine: What are your goals for 2022?

Theresa: Our goals for 2022 are to grow our business online and help other businesses grow professional business cards and flyers. We also will help other fundraising groups with our product.

Jazzy Printing strives to create products you can be proud to show to your friends and family for any event you have coming up in the future. We guarantee that every purchase you make will be a seamless process from start to finish.

​ Proceeds will also help various charities and drives across the country. So you can feel good knowing that you are contributing to helping others every time you do business with us. Jazzy Printing provides printing and event services to the community while giving back through various charities. So if you need custom and unique designs made for your upcoming party, holiday, or special occasion, contact them today!

​ Take a look at the site and get in touch.

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