Jasmine Tsunoda Jan 2022 Client Highlights
AGB Memphis

Always Giving Back Memphis, Inc

Tsunoda Stylings is a Japan-based agency that strives to create successful, responsive websites that are fast, easy to use, and built with the best techniques. At Tsunoda Stylings, we search for new and experienced small business owners looking to promote their businesses without breaking the bank! Not too long after we opened our doors, we received a request from an outstanding non-profit that wanted their website refreshed and redesigned.

Please meet CL Tim Williams, our first website redesign client. He is an active member in his community as the head of Always Giving Back Memphis, Inc. Read more below to learn more about him and what he plans to accomplish with her new site redesigned by Tsunoda Stylings.

Interview with Tim Williams:

Jasmine: Tell us a little about your background and how you became the organization's CEO?

Tim: I am a 24-year Navy veteran and retiree currently working for the Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contract Compliance as a Compliance Officer/Equal Opportunity Specialist. Unfortunately, once I retired from the Navy in 2008, I missed all of the community relations projects I was involved in at my past duty stations.

So I started doing charitable things in the Memphis area using my own money and realized I could be more effective and bless more people if I formed a non-profit organization. So in 2012, the process of becoming an IRS 501(c)(3) organization started. In 2014, we officially became Always Giving Back Memphis, Inc.

Jasmine: What are your goals for the future?

Tim: Our goal for the future is to grow larger and create employment opportunities as we do to include locations in Nashville, TN, and my hometown Cincinnati, OH.

Jasmine: What are your most significant accomplishments as an organization?

Tim: Our most significant accomplishment has been making it possible to form a Greater Memphis Parents of Murdered Children chapter. This labor of love took from 2018 until 2021 to develop this indispensable resource to the area. In addition, we have been a faithful donor to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital since we began and a benefactor for Hope Tower (formally known as Madison Tower) and the Greater Memphis Performing Arts scene.

Jasmine: What is your mission?

Tim: Always Giving Back (AGB) has mission 5 focuses:

1. The prevention or relief of poverty
2. The advancement of education and performing arts
3. The advancement of religion
4. The advancement of health or the saving of lives
5. The advancement of citizenship or community development

Jasmine: Do you have any sponsors, or are you a sponsor for anyone?

Tim: We are active sponsors of Dope on Arrival (an artists' showcase), Steaksawse (a music production team), and a benefactor of Capitol MINDS Entertainment.

Jasmine: What is your biggest annual event? What does it raise awareness to/money for?

Tim: Our signature annual gala is called the Black & White Affair. It has been held annually since 2012 and has raised funds for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the Abused Women's Services of YWCA, Lupus Awareness, Prostate Cancer Awareness, and the Greater Memphis Parents of Murdered Children Chapter.

Jasmine: What are the biggest challenges of heading a charity organization?

Tim: Of course, the biggest challenge is acquiring operating funds and getting our name and sterling reputation out to possible donors and sponsors.

Jasmine: What would you do you hope to accomplish in 2022?

Tim: This year, our focuses will be ensuring the continued support and success of the Greater Memphis Parents of Murdered Children Chapter and the support of the performing arts scene and expanding our efforts to assist the less fortunate and homeless by collaborating with other charities and support groups.

Jasmine: What advice would you give to anyone trying to get involved in their local/national organizations?

Tim: I would tell them that doing so is a labor of love, and sometimes there will be seemingly Herculean barriers to remove. But keep the "lovelight" trimmed and remain encouraged.

Jasmine: Any closing comments for our readers?

Tim: Yes, please visit our website (www.alwaysgivingback.org) and our Facebook page @AGBMemphisHQ. Also, PLEASE consider making a donation. When ordering from Amazon, use this link to generate donations for Always Giving Back Memphis, Inc. It will cost you NOTHING. Help us continue paying it forward by logging in to your Amazon account with this link.

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