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I Am My Sister's Keeper

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Not too long after we opened our doors, we received a request from a fantastic printing service looking to expand her business online. Please meet Theresa Lackey, the CEO and founder of Jazzy Printing Service, who was our very first website creation client. Recently we revamped her website and added on the various charities that she worked with including: I Am My Sister's Keeper. Read more below to learn more about her and what she plans to accomplish with her new website designed by Tsunoda Stylings.

Interview with Theresa Lackey:

Jasmine: Tell us a little about your background and how you started this group?

Theresa: The group was started in 2015 when we were getting clothes together for women in need.

Jasmine: How did you come up with the name for it?

Theresa: The name was started when we were giving clothes away through SK Closet which is a small boutique.

Jasmine: What is your mission?

Theresa: We offer encouragement and Love with scriptures and giveaways like the 12 days of christmas. Sister for the month and some days. Prizes are given on these days.

Jasmine: What services or products do you offer? What products/services would you like to add in the future?

Theresa: We would like to start a book club, Sister of the year and get donations for our young Sisters so we may provide diapers and school age children clothing.

Jasmine: What are your biggest accomplishments as an organization?

Theresa: We help with the StJude walk with Always Giving Back. Next year we plan to join different charities.

Jasmine: Do you (My sister keeper) have any sponsors, or are you a sponsor for anyone?

Theresa: We do not have any sponsors or Sponsor anyone at this time. But we fundraise for St Jude for Always Giving Back. We give back to St. Jude and help the I am my Sister keeper Facebook page give prizes on the 12 days of Christmas and gifts throughout the year.

Jasmine: What would you do you hope to accomplish in 2022? Any closing comments?

Theresa: The rest of 2022 we hope to have over 1000 women join us to help our young sisters with donations for themselves and their children.

I would like for anyone who is trying to get involved with national organizations to get to know the cause and who they are helping and what they stand for. If there is a need you can contribute to and bring others in with you please do so, especially if it us helping our future. Please Join us on Facebook. We will be bring back SK Closet our clothing line for women next month and get involved with other organizations to help women with day to day tasks.

​ Proceeds will also help various charities and drives across the country. So you can feel good knowing that you are contributing to helping others every time you do business with us. Jazzy Printing provides printing and event services to the community while giving back through various charities. So if you need custom and unique designs made for your upcoming party, holiday, or special occasion, contact them today!

​ Take a look at the site and get in touch.

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