Jasmine Tsunoda May 2023 Client Highlights

Matoi Hostel and Bar

Tsunoda Stylings is a Japan-based agency that strives to create successful, responsive websites that are fast, easy to use, and built with the best techniques. At Tsunoda Stylings, we search for new and experienced small business owners looking to promote their businesses without breaking the bank! Not too long after we celebrated the new year, we received a marketing and collaboration request from a newly opened hostel with an international staff!

Let me introduce to you Mr. Odai! He is an upper management member at the parent company of the hostel, Ys Reservation. Read below to learn more about him and what the hostel plans to accomplish with their new advertising services with Tsunoda Stylings.

Interview with Mr. Odai:

Jasmine: How did you come up with the name Matoi?

Mr. Odai: Originally, it is a mark of the group of firefighters, and it is derived from the "matoi" that leads the mikoshi. At local festivals, a "Daruma Matoi" with a Daruma doll leads a giant Daruma Mikoshi. We used this because we wanted to swing the Daruma Matoi on the top wooden deck of the hostel for guests to see as soon as they arrive inside.

Jasmine: What amenities do you offer?

Mr. Odai: We have prepared the necessary amenities for your stay, a bath towel, toothbrush set, razor, skin lotion, and milky lotion set, as well as socks, a shirt, male/female underwear, etc. A washer and dryer with a charge is also available.

Jasmine: What services/amenities would you like to add in the future?

Mr. Odai: We are considering providing customers with a travel package where they can enjoy local tourist attractions with a shuttle service.

Jasmine: What is unique about Matoi?

Mr. Odai: The most important feature is that it is our guesthouse where everyone can enjoy international exchanges, regardless of nationality. The other is, it is clean and beautiful, as our guesthouse is newly built. In addition, everyone can enjoy a lunch or bar time on the 1st floor.

Jasmine: How many staff members do you have? Japanese? Foreign? How many languages do they speak?

Mr. Odai: We have four foreign staff in addition to 10 Japanese staff. Currently, Japanese, English, Spanish, and French languages are available.

Jasmine: What is the thing you enjoy most about your job? 

Mr. Odai: I love that we are able to please our customers, which we know we do from comments like: “I enjoyed myself” or "I want to visit again.”

Jasmine: What is the most difficult? What are the biggest challenges of heading a hostel?

Mr. Odai: The first is we have to get recognition. Matoi Hostel has many more attractions where you can easily interact with different nationalities and enjoy having delicious, local ingredients. We are striving to familiarize more and more people with us through various media.

Jasmine: Does your business give back to your community/charities? Do you plan to in the future?

Mr. Odai: We are promoting the products and services of these companies in cooperation with local companies.

Jasmine: What are your biggest accomplishments as an organization?

Mr. Odai: For lunch, bar, or stays, our most important achievement is that our customers keep coming back.

Jasmine: Any closing remarks you would like to give to our readers?

Mr. Odai: Matoi Hostel & Bar has many fascinating staff! Please feel free to visit and see us for either meals or stays.

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