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Hiro Meshi

Tsunoda Stylings is a Japan-based agency that strives to create successful, responsive websites that are fast, easy to use, and built with the best techniques. At Tsunoda Stylings, we search for new and experienced small business owners looking to promote their businesses without breaking the bank! Not too long after we celebrated the new year, we received a rebranding opportunity request from a newly opened Japanese fusion bistro in Brisbane, Australia!

Let me introduce you to the culinary power duo Yuki and Hiroyuki! Today, we will be talking with Yuki, who is one half of the amazing duo that runs and operates the Hiro Meshi! Read below to learn more about her and what the bistro plans to accomplish with their new branding services with Tsunoda Stylings.

Interview with Yuki:

Jasmine: Tell us a little about your background and how you came up with the idea to start a restaurant business.

Yuki:My husband is a chef, and he often said, ‘I want to do something by myself. ‘That is why we sprung into action. First of all, it begun from food stands, which can be started up immediately.

Jasmine: How did you decide the name ‘Hiromeshi’

Yuki: I came up with the idea during a walk. ‘Hiromeshi’ comes from ‘Hiroyuki’, our chef and my husband’s name.

Jasmine: What is your mission/company saying? How did you come up with that?

Yuki: 'Creating relationships through food.’ I don’t remember how I came up with it, but it may be in the middle of a walk. My husband likes cooking and is a highly talented cook. Also, I love to offer delicious cuisine and to see that people are happy. We want to cherish all relationships regardless of who it is and to cherish everything.

Jasmine: What services/menu items do you offer?

Yuki: We offer Japanese fusion food.

Jasmine: What services or menu items would you like to add in the future?

Yuki: It’s chef's choice cuisine. Our restaurant is generally a canteen, but Hiro, the chef, will offer dishes that meet customers’ wishes during this time by making use of his experiences

Jasmine: What is unique about Hiro Meshi?

Yuki: It’s that Chef Hiro is such a versatile cook. French, Italian, Japanese food, Sushi, Sashimi. Currently, he has cooked even Ramen.

Jasmine: Do you ever plan to expand? Nationally?Globally?

Yuki: Of course, if possible! We hope to expand domestically in Australia at first.

Jasmine: What brings you the most joy in your business?

Yuki: It may sound conventional, but it’s that we can see every customer’s smile through offering delicious cuisine. It makes us happy.

Jasmine: What is the most difficult? What are the biggest challenges of working in the food/catering industry?

Yuki: It’s that delicious food alone is not sufficient to attract customers to our restaurant. What difficult things for me is output. Also, I haven’t got the hang of social media well because I am uncomfortable posting information publicly. It’s taking a lot of time to raise the popularity of our restaurant.

Jasmine: What’s the best piece of advice anyone ever gave you in regard to your business?

Yuki: It’s the story of Hitori Saito. ‘A merchant should always be a smiling person.’ So, we always try to keep smiling. ‘Customers will come from outside.’ When I get lost in something, I go outside and look at the big picture from the outside. ‘First of all, I try to do something that doesn’t cost anything and may delight customers. It’s best to spend money on that gradually.’ Specifically, I try to remember each customer’s name as best I can. I can do it for free, and it makes customers happy.

Jasmine: What advice would you give anyone wanting to start their own business?

Yuki: To a person who hopes to start your own business, I would like to say, ‘Please start your action even if it means just a little.’

Jasmine: How did you know about Tsunoda stylings?

Yuki:I heard about your company from Asuka.

Jasmine: Does your business give back (or plan to give back) to your community/charities? Are you active in any organizations/foundations/charities?

Yuki: I haven’t taken any action yet and I don't have any plans so far.

Jasmine: What are your goals for 2023?

Yuki: For 2023 (the first year from the opening), it’s to achieve our sales target. I believe that it’s important to get many customers to know our restaurant.

Jasmine: Any closing remarks you would like to give to our readers?

Yuki: Trying to do something you want to achieve. Whenever you come up with something, take an action. To enjoy. It’s important to repeat these actions.

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