Jasmine Tsunoda 09 Oct, 2021 Company News

Welcome To Tsunoda Stylings

Most people don't wake up and decide to change their entire career after investing in one for almost a decade. But that was how the idea of Tsunoda Stylings came about. After seven years of teaching English as a foreign language in Japan, I realized that it just wasn't my passion anymore. Not only that, but being a new mother to a premature baby, I preferred having a job where I worked from home.

I saw an acquaintance advertise her completion of the SheCodes Workshop on social media and decided to try the free 60-minute workshop. If only to see what this coding thing was all about. To my surprise, I was very interested in learning more about web development and all the skills that came along with it. So I signed up for the Basic Workshop, and the rest is history. I found that I loved coding so much that I wanted to take more classes and eventually concluded that this was the career field I wanted.

After doing more research, I came upon the world of front-end development and the massive gap between women and men in the STEM industry. So it got me thinking. How can I use this new talent of mine to make a difference in my community? What can I do to provide services to those who need these things done but can't afford to pay the top dollars that come along with corporations with decades of service under their belts?

Thus Tsunoda Stylings was born, created with you in mind. The person who wants to sell their goods online, advertise their projects to potential clients or explore a new avenue on this journey we call life. Welcome to Tsunoda Stylings. Your first step to creating your online presence, because everyone deserves to have their voice heard.