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Welcome To The Team, Shoji!

Tsunoda Stylings is a start-up company that strives to create successful, responsive websites that are fast, easy to use, and built with the best techniques. At Tsunoda Stylings, we are searching for fresh, new talent looking to develop their portfolios via paid-per-project remote work! Not too long after we opened our doors, we received a request from a young developer looking to enhance his skills.

His name is Shoji Hattori, and he is a Japanese native who has been self-studying coding for about one year. Read more below to learn a little more about him and what he plans to accomplish during his time here at Tsunoda Stylings.

Interview with Shoji Hattori:

Jasmine: "Hello Shoji, could you please introduce yourself to the readers?"
Shoji: "Hello, my name is Shoji Hattori, and I have been working for Tsunoda Stylings for about a month now."
Jasmine: "When did you start applying for coding jobs?"
Shoji: "I started applying for coding jobs last October because I wanted to enter the IT industry. But I didn't have enough experience to get hired in those positions, and at the time, they wanted new hires to move wherever the company office was. It was a big decision to make considering everything going on with the pandemic."
Jasmine: "Why did you decide to start studying coding?"
Shoji: "I have a friend who came to Japan and was studying AI development for her master's degree at Gifu University. When I heard about it, I thought it sounded interesting, so I researched it on the internet. I learned that coding was difficult, but I found that I was interested in coding when I gave it a try."
Jasmine: "What made you apply for the job opening at Tsunoda Stylings, and how do you like training so far?"
Shoji: "When I heard that you wanted to hire people with little to no job experience, I was inspired by you considering you were still studying at SheCodes, so maybe you had the same problem as me. I felt discouraged when I applied to other jobs, and they wouldn't hire me because I didn't have enough training, even though the company said you don't have to have a lot of coding knowledge or a degree. So far, training at Tsunoda Stylings is excellent. Jasmine is very kind, understanding, intelligent, and thinks efficiently. Compared to working at a Japanese company, it's very different because you as a boss don't pressure me and are patient even when I don't understand something."
Jasmine: "That is so kind! Thank you! I wanted to start this company to help many kinds of people, whether it be new employees who need experience or clients who are on a budget. Everyone should be treated fairly regardless of their situation. So what do you like most about being a developer?"
Shoji: "I like figuring out why a code is written a certain way. It is kind of like looking at a puzzle. For example, if I look at a code that is not working correctly, I want to solve the problem. I like the challenge, and it helps me use my brain."
Jasmine: "What do you find most challenging about being a developer?"
Shoji: "I don't think it's difficult per se. Learning new concepts can sometimes be challenging, but it is more interesting to figure out how it works."
Jasmine: "What do you hope to accomplish while working with us?"
Shoji: "I hope to improve my coding skills and help Tsunoda Stylings become a great company that clients can book with confidently. I also want to help people who want to become developers but don't know where to start."
Jasmine: "What advice would you give to anyone wanting to become a web developer or designer?"
Shoji: "Be open to learning new things. Don't be narrowminded. Remember, your way is not the only way to do things and is not always the correct answer. If you don't know how to do something, research it. There are a lot of resources online to help you, and you should always ask for help if you get stuck."

Whether you are a student looking for a major to study in, wanting to learn a new skill for a promotion, or a professional considering a career change, Shoji has shown us that it is never too late to pursue your dreams with a bit of determination.

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