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Making Your Business Cards Stand Out

Need tips on how to get your business card to stand out? Having a business card sounds like a no-brainer for any business owner. But having an effective model is just as important as its overall design of it.

Here are 7 tips when thinking about the design or redesign of your business cards.

1. Include important information - Such as your position, email, phone number, web address, and social media handles.

2. Use legible font - Of course, you want it to be unique, but you also want it to be readable.

3. Leave a bit of white space - Unless you have a funky print that will cover from edge to edge, no use in your information getting cut off in printing.

4. Keep on Brand - Speaking of funky print, if your brand calls for wacky designs, then show it. If not, try to be creative in another way, such as angling or card shapes.

5. Add a QR code - Give them a reason to come back to your business card. Just don't go overboard with the color of the background if you do use a QR code.

6. Get it professionally printed - Unless you have a professional-grade printer at home or in your office, get your business cards printed somewhere that uses quality paper and ink.

7. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread - There is nothing worse than typos on your business card.

Need help coming up with ideas? Want us to create a one-of-a-kind design for you? Schedule a FREE consultation today!

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