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Font Awesome

If You’re Not Using Font Awesome,
You Should Be.

Let’s talk about Font Awesome and why this amazing website should be part of your toolkit. If you’re not using it now, you should be. Emojis are a perfect example of how we speak using icons—think of them as modern hieroglyphics. Facebook’s thumbs up is universally understood that users “like” something. On Spotify, listeners have the option to thumbs down the songs they don’t like.

Font Awesome
Icons are part of the universal visual language we use to communicate. Regardless of the language you speak, icons can be understood by anyone. They’re important parts of how we express our ideas.
Font Awesome is a vector icon library with over 2,000 free, open source icons. There are a whopping 16,000 icons in the pro subscription. Plans range from free for individuals or small teams, Pro at $99 for collaborative development teams, a year and Pro Max at $499 for development teams and large organizations.

There are 68 categories and five styles including solid, regular, light, thin, and duotone. Use these icons in your UX/UI design, social media, and more! Font Awesome even has branded icons in their library for websites like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. We would all like to leave our artistic stamp on everything we create, but that takes time and, frankly, skill. Font Awesome makes icons easy because these are pre-made and ready to use for your project.
Font Awesome
Because they are vector icons they come ready for retina display, so no ugly pixelation problems to troubleshoot. You can simply rotate, resize, and change the color easily though HTML. For those of you who do want to use your own custom icons, you can upload the SVG icons to the Font Awesome website! Want to add icons to your project, but don’t know where to start? Use the suggested icons populated by the most common searches. Font Awesome even has a Cheat Sheet that has the glyph, name, and unicode right where you need them. While there are plenty of free tools, the pro versions have their own advantages and perks. This includes access to more styles, icons, Kits, page views, and what they call Actual Human™support for when you need help untangling technical issues.

On websites, they connect a visual concept to a certain message or idea. Icons can indicate where you pay for goods or even what type of payment is accepted. Font Awesome and its icons help break up text as well. No one wants to read page after page of boring text. Fonts make the using experience easier and more interesting. The easier your webpage is on a customer, the more likely they are to stay on the page. That means that the possibility of connection to conversion will also increase.

Heard enough and want to use this yourself? Get started by going to the website. Click the option that suits your needs. If you select the free account, follow the three easy steps to get started! For our more tech savvy creators, select the pro account that matches your capacity, check out, and let the font fun begin!

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