Jasmine T. May 2022 Client

Work In Progress Career

Get to know CJ and how he is planning to fill a gap in services addressing the unique barriers Trans, Non-binary, and Queer folks have to employment.

Jasmine T. June 2022 Client

FabulousYou LLC

Get to know Ashley and how she started the her fast growing business of natural at home spa treatments!

Jasmine T. July 2022 Client

Bicycle On The Way Back

Get to know Yusuke and discover the many adventures he has been on through his photography portfolio!

Jasmine T. September 2022 Client

Altruistic Scribe Company

Get to know Idongesit and how she came up with her vision of an online healthcare database!

Jasmine T. October 2022 Client


Get to know Lennox and his journey into becoming one of the most talented makeup artists in the country!